jbrout does not natively support pictures in RAW format or movie files. The idea of this plugin is to have two separate directories:

jbrout uses the pictures and movie thumbnails in the jbrout directory for tagging and all its operations. The original files in the raw directory keep untouched.

This plugin has functions to open the RAW files of selected JPG files in Bibblelabs Bibblepro and to keep the two directories in sync if pictures or movie thumbnails are deleted in jbrout.

This plugin is Linux only and at time of this writing only handles Canon raw files (cr2).


Create a directory rawworkflow in the plugin directory of your jbrout installation. Download rawworkflow.txt and save it as __init.py__ in this rawworkflow directory.

Change the following variables in __init.py__ to your needs:

where bibble stores your work queues, usually ~/.bibble/work
where you store your original RAW files
where you store the converted JPG files which are used by jbrout. It needs to have the same structure as rawdir.
directory for temporary files
name of the trash folder which is created in the particular album directory if you delete files in the associated jbrout directory and then use 'Sync to Raw'
name of the bibble executable


Look at my digital workflow for how to organize your pictures and movies to use this plugin.

I assume that you already have an album of RAW pictures and eventually movies and an associated jbrout directory with scaled down versions of these pictures.

Use 'Operations->Open in Bibble' to open the selected pictures in bibble. When bibble comes up there should be a work queue 'jbrout' with the RAW files of your selected pictures. If not already done create a batch queue in bibble with your desired resolution for the jbrout files (I use 1600x1200) and a fixed destination path which is in the variable bibblebatchdir (see above). If you edited your pictures then use this batch queue to convert your pictures for jbrout. After exiting bibble jbrout will reimport your pictures and the thumbnails will reflect your changes. Notice that your tags and comments of the changed pictures are kept untouched.

Use 'Operations->Sync to Raw' either in an album menu or on a selection of pictures to sync file deletions which eventually happened in the associated albums to their raw directories. At this stage the RAW or movie files are not really deleted. They are moved to a trash folder in the raw album directory.

Use 'Operations->Delete Trash' to delete the trash of the associated raw directories. Notice that not all trash folders are deleted but only the trash folders of the selected albums respectively the trash folders of the associated albums of the selected pictures.